How video conferencing hardware solutions drive employee productivity

Video conferencing software doesn’t just enable clear communication between employees and other stakeholders. It can also increase ROIs and improve efficiency by shortening overall project timelines and saving money that would usually be spent on travel and larger meeting rooms. Given the importance productivity has on business operations, now is the time for companies in Singapore to invest in wireless microphone headsets and other video conferencing solutions to ensure their remote workers can operate at the desired level. 

Here are the top three ways video conferencing hardware solutions can help businesses.

1. Ensure clear and secure communication across distributed teams

Many industries such as retail, warehousing, logistics and transport have geographically diverse teams that need to remain in continuous contact. This can be difficult without the right equipment. Video conferencing tools like Microsoft Teams software will improve the user experience – wireless headsets will not only upgrade the sound for the people wearing them but also of those they are communicating with on these platforms. 

If you’re already using software like Microsoft Teams for communications, the Jabra BlueParrott and its compatibility with the Walkie Talkie feature will be the perfect match for your employees. With impressive noise cancellation and a battery life that allows for up to 24 hours of talk time, you won’t have to worry about loud disturbances or losing touch with distributed team members. There’s even a dual connectivity function that allows you to take several calls with one headset.

2. Equip huddle rooms with ready-to-use equipment

In the past, offices featured large conference rooms to cater for all meetings. But as workplaces become increasingly agile, new designs show growth in smaller areas known as ‘huddle rooms’. These flexible spaces are perfect for employees who need to get together for impromptu and scheduled meetings to collaborate on projects. If teams need to create plans or respond to unexpected events quickly and efficiently, huddle rooms are the perfect place for them to do so. 

Ensuring huddle rooms are optimised with modern video conferencing solutions is an important step in incorporating them into your workplace. Teams should be able to easily hop into any room for a conference call with external or internal stakeholders. Technology like the plug-and-play Jabra PanaCast is made for face-to-face online meetings with an easy set-up and real-time video stitching that provides a 180-degree room view. Adding a product from the Jabra Speak series will also allow you to speak from anywhere in the room without the use of multiple microphones.

Huddle rooms are especially useful as remote work becomes the new normal. Split team arrangements that place some workers at home while others are in the office will increasingly require video conference-ready rooms that streamline communication and improve productivity.

3. Cater to remote workers

The current global pandemic has shown that remote working for some industries boosts productivity and many Singaporeans also prefer working from home. However, the remote workforce has already been on the rise for over a decade, reporting an increase by 140% from 2005 to 2019. Many challenges have emerged with this relatively new way of working, but if employees are given the right tools to face them, businesses will find that the positive benefits far outweigh any initial difficulties. 

If you intend to provide remote work as an option, either as a flexible alternative or permanent solution, providing the equipment your remote workers need is key. Issuing wireless microphone headsets and webcams for smooth video conferencing should be the standard no matter where your employees are working. Visual queues are an important part of video meetings. Make sure your business has every situation covered with high-quality cameras like our Logitech webcams, which are engineered to offer everything from clip-on solutions for business people on the go to full boardroom setups. Both the Jabra Evolve and BlueParrott series also offer feature-filled options for wireless headsets during video conferencing to keep your workers connected.

It’s better late than never to jump on the bandwagon – upgrading your video conferencing hardware solutions can take your business to the next level!