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IP PBX Systems for Singapore

Ensure your company is working with the best, most versatile communications systems on the market. ShoreTel IP phones and SIP phones lead the industry in customer satisfaction thanks to their quality, reliability and low cost of maintenance and ownership.

ShoreTel IP PBX solutions offer true flexibility for companies in how they manage and operate their telephony systems. Maintain them in-house or have ShoreTel’s expert team provide off-site services; the choice is yours.

All ShoreTel IP Phone systems are scalable, designed from the ground up grow with your business. Don’t worry about risking your initial investment or any subsequent expenditure; should your requirements or goals change, your ShoreTel system can change with them.

ShoreTel has had its presence in Singapore since 2013. The regional expansion signifies the company’s commitment to respond to customers’ demand for its brilliantly simple ShoreTel IP Phone system in Singapore and across the entire Asia Pacific Region.

ShoreTel IP PBX system in Singapore is now highly recognized by businesses and government entities in the country as one of the most reliable IP based business communication solutions.

DACON Networks is a certified Partner Reseller of ShoreTel SIP phones and solutions in Singapore. For more information on these solutions contact us today on (65) 6883 9762.


ShoreTel IP Phones

Offering a unique modular architecture purpose-designed to integrate with your existing infrastructure, ShoreTel IP PBX phones make unified communication systems easier to deploy, manage and scale.

SIP Phones provide a simple and highly reliable business communications solution that increases enterprise productivity and reduces operational complexity and expense for businesses of all sizes.


Unified Communications (UC)

ShoreTel Unified Communications Platform combines voice and data over an enterprise phone system making real-time messaging, conference calling and desktop sharing accessible to your entire organization. Our SIP phones give workers more flexibility to manage their time, while enabling organizations to minimize their operational costs.

Mobility Solution

ShoreTel Mobility speeds up your business processes and information access leading to a more responsive and engaged workforce. ShoreTel Mobility extends your unified communications (UC) applications to smartphones, tablets and wearable devices. Make communication quick and easy in the ways that best suit your workers by keeping them connected wherever, whenever through Wi-Fi, cellular and enterprise networks.


Contact Centre Solution

ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Centre (ECC) is a powerful call centre solution that offers an easily integrable, efficient universal queuing and enterprise resource matching system. Choose to deploy on either your premises or in a secure data centre carrying high availability, built in disaster recovery features enabling quick data recovery while preventing data loss.

ShoreTel ECC provide users with customizable real-time access to historical information, and advanced call routing features ensuring that calls go to the right agent. With the ability to filter incoming calls based on skill matching, customer identity, service levels, priority, schedules and caller location, you can increase overall productivity while reducing the service time per call, resulting in higher overall customer satisfaction.

Cloud Communications Solution

ShoreTel Sky is a premium hosted PBX solution that offers both private and public cloud connectivity. Designed to provide the greatest reliability working in tandem with ShoreTel’s world-class data centres, our Cloud Communications Solutions run on their own soft switch software, supported by multi-carrier network connections and a multiple call handling server cluster. Service quality is assured, thanks to our using private circuits via managed routers. Plus, Sky is supported 24 hours a day, seven days a week by ShoreTel’s world-class customer service and end-user support team.

The versatility of Sky ensures that the service works wherever your employees can find a broadband connection, meaning it is an ideal choice for a distributed or mobile workforce. You can add an unlimited number of users, or reduce services as required. ShoreTel Sky is a stress-free enterprise solution that makes managing your phone system easy, giving you more time to focus on your core business.

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