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Dell EMC
A Reputable DELL Reseller in Singapore 

With more than three decades of experience in personal and enterprise computing, Dell is a brand any business can trust. Founded in 1984, Dell was the very first company to develop and offer custom-built computers for personal use.

That culture of innovation continues through the comprehensive range of Dell backup software, servers, storage solutions, server modules and business laptops. Dell has built its brand on providing high-quality products and services to a diverse range of business and private consumers around the world.

More than just laptops and personal computers
The establishment of a regional headquarters in Singapore has strengthened Dell’s position in Asia Pacific. Significant investment in local resellers has given the company a strong understanding of the goals and requirements of Singaporean business. The establishment of the Dell Singapore Solution Centre (DSC) in 2011 has made the company amongst the most highly invested corporations in the region. The DSC provides domestic and regional consumers with innovative, relevant advice and guidance, helping them to utilise their infrastructure including networking and storage solutions to their full potential.

Dell’s products and services are reliable, cost-effective solutions for enterprise and private customers. DACON Networks is proud to be a certified Dell Reseller in Singapore. As a reseller, DACON supply local businesses with the full range of backup software, laptops, desktops, servers, racks, and other enterprise solutions and services from this reputable company. Call (65) 6883 9762 to learn more.