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The Best for Singapore with Polycom

Get a global leader in telephony in your corner. Polycom is an innovative and respected provider of open-standards based unified communications systems. Offering comprehensive solutions bringing together voice and video collaboration as well as immerse telepresence systems, they are a company with a well-deserved and sterling reputation.

Built with robust, comprehensive software infrastructure and accessible, cooperative and rich APIs, Polycom solutions are designed to deliver the best user experience. Ensuring satisfaction for both end-users and systems administrators, these solutions are versatile and effective regardless of organisation scale, application and environment.

Polycom offers a broad portfolio of audio-video collaboration solutions designed to bring superior sound quality and High Definition (HD) collaboration with the lowest TCO, making it possible for everyone to experience the greatness of real-time human collaboration.

Polycom technology works to help employers accelerate innovation, increase customer satisfaction and grow their productivity. Many medical and healthcare institutions rely on their systems, ensuring quick, accurate communication that can save lives. DACON is proud to provide this reputable brand to Singapore clients. Enquire today on (65) 6883 9762.

polycom audio conferencing
polycom audio conferencing singapore

Audio Conferencing Solutions

Polycom’s legendary conferencing solutions are known for their high-definition (HD) acoustic technology that provides exceptional performance and voice quality, making conference calls clearer and more productive. A reliable solution that’s versatile enough to be used in any type of conference space or meeting room, these systems are also extremely cost-effective thanks to their ability to easily integrate with existing technology. Polycom audio conferencing systems are built with dynamic noise reduction and a 360-degree microphone coverage, keeping meetings on track and free from distractions. Experience crystal-clear conversation with Polycom audio solutions.

Video Conferencing Solutions

Video conferencing changes the way people conduct business. It makes real-time communication and collaboration possible from any device and from any location. Polycom delivers powerful conferencing solutions with high-definition audio-visual quality and powerful content sharing capability offering businesses a whole new way to communicate and collaborate with colleagues across the globe. Polycom video conferencing solutions help organizations reduce travel expenses, increase work efficiency and improve overall business performance.

polycom audio conferencing


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