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High quality wireless headsets for Singapore

The Jabra Headset Technology

Ensure you’re working with the best, whether it’s for business or personal use. Jabra – a subsidiary of GN Netcom – develops, manufactures and markets wireless and corded headsets for mobile phone users, contact centres and office-based users. With a headquarters based in Copenhagen, Denmark, the company continue to strengthen its positions as one of the global leading suppliers for innovative headset and speakerphone solutions.

DACON is proud to offer a wide selection of products in our Jabra store for both enterprise clients and private customers. The award winning headset range has been engineered to include the latest and most precise audio technology alongside the clean, crisp lines of Scandinavian design providing the greatest sound, comfort and freedom of movement. The seamless connectivity of these units brings together the features and advantages of both Unified Communications and VOIP platforms ensuring you can get the most from your new investment and your existing infrastructure. Browse our Jabra store today to find out more.

Buy from a reputable Jabra distributor

Jabra products provide people with more diverse and robust lines of communication. Their reliable telephony solutions are trusted by employers around the world.

So whether your priority is sweat-proof wireless connectivity, crystal clear calls in a busy contact centre, or even reliability on the road, Jabra keeps you connected wherever – at work, at home, at the gym or even on the go. Ensure you get your products from a reliable source. As the authorised Jabra distributor in Singapore, DACON is best positioned to offer you the widest range of solutions from this fantastic manufacturer. See our selection in our Jabra store and discover a new way to work today.



When looking for perfect wired or wireless headsets, Jabra understand that there are certain factors that need to be taken into consideration in order to meet the varying demands of modern business communication. The perfect headset should fully integrate with your pre-existing telephony environment, ensuring your investment is utilised to its full potential when it matters – when your customer is on the other line.


The Jabra Technology


The Power of Jabra


The Right Solution for Different Needs


The Applications to Optimize your Jabra

The Jabra Headset Technology

Quality is a vital consideration for headset investment. It’s a driving factor for organizations, allowing them to boost agent productivity, increase customer satisfaction through faster and accurate responses and reduce employee attrition with superior comfort and improved safety. Quality also means a longer life-span for the technology, allowing customers to realise more of their investment over a longer period of time.

Jabra’s commitment to quality includes extensive and continuous research and development. The Research Lab facility in Denmark is where Jabra’s innovation comes to life. The company works around the clock, developing and rigorously testing each product, bringing to market new technologies with best-in-class functionality, extreme durability and innovate design. Thanks to the global network of Jabra distributors and Jabra stores, companies the world over use these products as key parts of their business.



Clear Sound
Clear sound is important for call efficiency and accuracy. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology optimizes sound performance by filtering out distracting background noise, reduce call handling times and potential miscommunication.

HD Voice – Wideband Audio
Jabra’s HD Voice functionality enables high-definition sound for crystal clear communication. Customers get life-like, vibrant conversations allowing agents to focus on the content of the call instead of struggling to hear the person on the other end of the line.


Standard with all wired and wireless headsets, this technology immediately removes loud, intrusive noises before they reach the user’s ears and potentially cause aural injury. Know that the sound level will always be kept within a safe range with PeakStop.

Included with select products from Jabra distributors, SafeTone protects your hearing by cutting off sudden loud external noises. By maintaining a safe average sound level throughout the day your health is protected. Thanks to this feature, Jabra headsets meet EU regulations and North American recommendations for noise at work.


Noise BlackoutTM
This technology helps to eliminate distracting background noise such as wind, conversations and traffic ensuring that the receiver can better hear your voice.

Noise Cancellation
Choose between different noise cancelling microphones that filter out unwanted background noise. Ideal for a modern, open office environment.

Wind Noise Protection
Wind Noise Protection enables you to keep the conversation going in an open air environment without any interference.


Different Wearing Styles
Choose from three different wearing styles for the most comfortable and customizable fit for your Jabra wired or wireless headsets.

Mono or Duo Speakers
Depending on your preference, the majority of Jabra headsets are available with either mono (one) or duo (two) speakers. Speak to your Jabra distributor or local Jabra store to find out more.

The Power of Jabra


Better headset solutions can help to reduce costs while improving the performance and productivity of employees. A headset allows you to multi-task with two free hands and prevents neck strain from cradling a traditional phone handset, and a wireless headset gives you more freedom to move around and away from the desk without missing a call.


Jabra wireless headsets evolve through time and are able to adapt to changes in the office environment. Specialised technology integrated into every headset keeps you on top of your work whether you’re on a desk phone, mobile phone, softphone or anything in between.


Jabra headsets provide a new level of comfort and flexibility in the contact centre environment. Built-in advanced features like the plug-and-play connection, HD voice sound and noise cancelling technology provide optimal working conditions and superior audio quality leading to increased productivity and improved service quality.

The Right Solution for Different Needs




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