Experts in scalable IP telephony systems in Singapore

Communication is absolutely essential for any business to succeed, regardless of the industry you operate in. Companies who regularly interact with clients or the public need robust systems and strategies for seamless communication. Even those in less visible sectors need to keep staff connected for maximum productivity. With an IP-based telephone network from Dacon, you can break the shackles of traditional communication methods and save money in the process. Find out why IP telephony systems should be your next investment, whether you are in Singapore or elsewhere in the world.

Harness the power of IP telephony to grow your business in Singapore and around the world

What is IP telephony?

In simple terms, IP telephony is the sending and receiving of voice, fax and other information over a Local Area Network or the internet, as opposed to transmitting through traditional phone networks. The term also collectively describes any IP telephony system, equipment, and software used to achieve this, from the software through which you dial a phone number to the headset you plug into your computer.

Is there a difference between VoIP and IP telephony?

If you’re new to the concept of IP telephony, you may have also heard of VoIP and wondered if the terms are interchangeable. While they are similar, VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and refers specifically to the means of transmitting voice over the internet. IP telephony is a broader term that also encompasses the transmission of other forms of information, use within private networks (not necessarily the public internet) and the hardware and software required to implement it.

What are the advantages of these systems?

IP telephony system is a modern solution used by countless companies in various industries throughout Singapore. The monthly costs of using traditional phone services can be significantly higher, particularly if every employee requires a means of communication. It also allows calls to be placed from any compatible computer or device with an internet connection, and offers a far greater range of features to be taken advantage of.

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