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A Leading Engenius Distributor for Singapore

Make office communication seamless. Engenius is the leading provider of enterprise networking solutions, including data communications and radio frequency (RF) technology. Enterprise, light business and home users can benefit from their state-of-the-art voice and data products, including versatile Engenius network switches and feature-rich and affordable wifi routers.

Engenius offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of enterprise wireless APs and wifi routers. Their wireless solutions are chosen for their security, scalability and ease-of-use. Engenius WLANs are high-performance solutions with a low total cost of ownership, designed to deliver extended signal, faster speed and robust security.

Engenius’ mission is to assist carriers, enterprise and small-to-medium business partners in building complex and resilient networks. Perfectly suited to meeting the demands of the most resource-heavy applications, their wifi routers and networking solutions enable fast, efficient communication in any business with their reliable performance and robust design.

Dacon is the authorized Engenius distributor in Singapore. Browse our range of networking solutions, or get in touch with our office on (65) 6883 9762.

Wireless Network Management

Controller Solution

Engenius Wireless Management Switches offer an affordable, centralized wired and wireless management system ideal for small to medium sized enterprises requiring stable and secure wireless network solution with minimal IT manpower intervention. This powerful device can be easily deployed and seamlessly integrate with existing wifi routers, network switches, IP cameras and firewalls. Eugenius network switches can be placed in any infrastructure and configured to act as both a Layer 2 PoE Gigabit switch and a wireless controller, centralising management of the entire network in one resilient, flexible system.

Network administrators can manage and monitor up to 50 wired and wireless APs through a single web interface without additional license purchasing costs. Engenius designed the entire switch line with easy-to-navigate system architecture enabling users to configure all wireless access points in matter of seconds. Enhance your network with products from DACON, your local Engenius distributor.

Indoor Series WI-FI Solution

Engenius offers a complete range of enterprise-grade Indoor Series Access Points ranging from entry-level single band 802.11n models, to high-end dual band 802.11ac models to meet the demands of any wireless connection. Equipped with high-powered radio antennas to provide the best signal strength, the fewest dead spots and the highest signal quality on both ends, the Engenius Wireless AP and client device range is a worthy investment for any business. Speak to your local Engenius distributor to learn more.

The Engenius Indoor Series of wireless APs can be deployed either standalone or as managed access point controlled by a Neutron Wireless Management Switch. Each supports the latest standards in wifi security, including WEP, WPA and WPA2 and able to support up to 8 SSIDs per radio, allowing IT managers to assign and control different access privileges across different group users.

Outdoor Series Wifi Solution

Engenius Outdoor Series Access Points are built with powerful and highly sensitive system and design quality capable to withstand any harsh environment. These robust units utilise the latest 802.11ac standards, achieving maximum transfer rates well in excess of the competition, providing faster and stronger wireless connections supporting bandwidth-intensive applications such as audio and video streaming. Our range offers rates of up to 450 MBps on the 2.4GHz band and 1300 MBps on the 5GHz band. Engenius Outdoor Series APs are engineered with enhanced wifi industry security standard and simplified infrastructure to deliver efficient shared network interface with affordable investment and the best-in-class performance.

Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE) Switches

Engenius Networking Power-over-Ethernet Switches are designed to meet IEEE802.3 af/at PoE+ standards able to automatically detect and distribute sufficient amount of power to all the devices connected to your network. PoE network switches protect your equipment from power overload, under power or incorrect installation. Engenius PoE switches support all applications from simple unmanaged switches with minimal ports up to the most complex managed multi-port network connections, making it an ideal choice for administrators seeking a combination of features, cost-effectiveness and performance.

Network Accessories

Engenius wireless network accessories provide additional security and safety connection with the range of PoE switch converters and adaptors. These network accessory devices are essential in generating safe power supply over your network system terminals and even able to convert and extend LAN connection between devices enabling easy integration during deployment. Whether you’re looking to enhance an existing wifi router network or are establishing a new one, we recommend considering how our accessories could benefit you. As an authorised Engenius distributor, we carry one of the largest ranges in the country.

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