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HD Video Conference Systems for Singapore

Keep in touch wherever you’re doing business. Tely Labs offers simple, secure and affordable HD video conference solutions. Offering rock-solid connections, enhanced security and low maintenance costs, all businesses should consider Tely products. Change the way you communicate for the better with video conferencing from Singapore’s reputable Tely distributor – DACON.

The company’s flagship brand TelyHD delivers affordable, scalable business-class video conferencing solutions to enterprise customers. With powerful video calling features, intelligent, multi-platform plug-and-play connectivity and robust remote connectivity, this video conferencing system is perfect for smaller departments as well as personal workspaces and meeting rooms. For hospitals and clinics, we offer TelyMed, its robust remote consultations capabilities making it ideal for the healthcare industry.

As a Tely distributor, DACON is proud to provide these products with comprehensive aftermarket service throughout the country.

Products from a reputable Tely distributor

Tely Labs video conferencing solutions help Singapore businesses improve collaboration, reduce travel cost and increase productivity at unprecedented value. It helps organizations overcome the challenges of choosing a video conferencing system ideal for their type of business. The company is dedicated to making video conferencing accessible, simple and affordable for every meeting room, healthcare facility and remote office.

Dacon is the authorized Tely distributor in Singapore. Contact our team on (65) 6883 9762 for information on any of our solutions or services.

tely distributor

The telyHD Pro


A standards-based (SIP), plug-and-play conferencing solution, TelyHD Pro delivers enterprise-quality video collaboration options to any meeting area for one of the lowest price points in the industry.

Ideal for larger organisations or small groups looking for more robust group conferencing and conference spaces, this product offers multi-party and multi-device connection ensuring easy, low-cost collaboration and content sharing.

Unlike traditional video conferencing solutions

telyHD Pro is far more affordable and easy to use. It’s the only endpoint designed for cloud services, without sacrificing standards-based interoperability

Unlike webcam-based PC accessories

Tely Labs appliance solutions don’t require a personal computer to set up or use. Fully self-contained, each unit is ready to go at the push of a button.

Simple, Secure and Affordable Video Solution
One Product Replaces Three Business Devices

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Features and Benefits


Seamlessly integrate the Tely range of products into your existing infrastructure and systems with convenient Session Initiation Protocol interoperability. SIP allows TelyHD Pro to utilise third party cloud-based conferencing services, so you don’t have to give up what already works for your team.

ROBUST CLOUD SERVICES                                    

Each TelyHD Pro includes a 12-month subscription to telyCloud –providing simple, effortless six-party video conferencing and application sharing. No additional equipment required other than a TelyHD Pro at each location, meaning more businesses can benefit.

WIRELESS PROJECTOR                                     

telyShare App enables wireless projection from Windows and Mac personal computers to any telyHD Pro-connected HDTV for in-room presentations, eliminating the need for bulky and expensive LCD projectors.


Get beautiful picture quality on any compatible device including laptops, tablets and even smartphones with our HD video conference calling systems.

BROWSE THE WEB                         

With the built-in web browser, you can browse the internet from your conference room TV without a computer.

BUILT-IN SPEAKERPHONE                          

The telyShare App makes wireless projection from Windows and Mac computers to any connected HDTV possible, eliminating the need for intrusive cabling.

REMOTELY SHARE CONTENT                                      

TelyShare application enables users to wirelessly share content from their Windows or Mac computer with remote users during any video-conference call.


Use the bundled remote control device or the SmartRemote app for Android or iOS devices to control your TelyHD Pro.

EASY SETUP & USE                                                 

Guided set-up and out-of-the-box functionality means anyone can have a unit up and running in minutes. No PC needed. Just plug into the network and a standard TV.

Ready-to-Deploy, Easy-to-Expand
Integratable with Existing Infrastructure

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