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NICE provides voice logging systems that  enables organizations to capture customer interactions and transactions, analyze them to reveal business insights, and apply these insights in real time to achieve positive business impact across all communication channels.


NICE’s solutions address the needs of the enterprise and security markets, enabling organizations to operate in an insightful and proactive manner, and take immediate action to improve business and operational performance and ensure safety and security.



NICE Recording eXpress


Designed for Small and Medium Call Centers and Branch Environments



Advanced Capabilities, Rapid Installation, Affordable Price



NICE offers a comprehensive, advanced, easy-to-install and affordable platform built for contact centers and branch operations but delivering the functionality of enterprise systems, including PCI compliance and quality management.


NICE Recording eXpress captures, manages and processes calls, in stand-alone offices and across branch locations, all with one solution. With its intuitive configuration and administration, the system is easy to configure, and easy to use.





NICE Recording eXpress low-cost call recording offers many value-added enterprise-grade
capabilities, including:

  • Intuitive configuration and administration
  • Localized or centralized storage, which can incorporate several sites
  • Simple, rapid deployment requiring less than half a day to install at a standard site, reducing IT personnel-related costs
  • VoIP, TDM and screen recording on a single commercial off-the-shelf server to optimize
  • investment in existing technology
  • State of the art, web-based application whose small footprint reduces facility costs


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NICE Recording eXpress

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