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Alcatel-Lucent Office Communication


Alcatel-Lucent Office Communication

Alcatel- Lucent OmniPCX Office Rich Communication Edition (RCE) is a pre-configured server which enables small and medium-sized businesses to advantage from enterprise-class business telephony. The OmniPCX Office RCE can be easily deployed and managed and also happens to be extremely cost effective. Installing an OmniPCX Office RCE can be your first step to improved customer service, thanks to the improved business operations and diminished operational risks it offers. The OmniPCX Office RCE also additionally supports call center, softphone and third-party XML applications for up to 200 users.

The OmniPCX Enterprise Communication Server combines traditional telephone functions with support for Internet-based telephony and multimedia communication to bring about significant call-handling applications that deliver world-class business telephony features for medium, large, and very large-sized businesses. This complete suite of unified communication applications includes a Web soft phone as well as unified messaging and personal assistant applications.


OmniTouch™ 8082 My IC Phone

Touch-Screen Smart Desk phone with High-Quality Wideband Audio

  • Smart menus with ergonomic designOmniTouch_8082_MyIC_phone2
  • SIP telephony services
  • Communications platforms offer web-services-based rich communications
  • Industry-specific application packages, such as hospitality packages
  • Customization interface for users and IT departments
  • Multimedia file management: MP3, pictures and screensavers
  • Integration with the user’s desktop, including calendar and contacts
  • Software development kit (SDK) open to web application developers

OmniTouch™ 8 Series IP Touch Phones

Desk Phones with IP Integrated Connectivity and Telephony

These state-of-the-art IP phones are full-featured with integrated IP connectivity and telephony, bringing you the converged power of data and voice over IP.  The IP touch brings you optimized design, superior listening quality and ring tones, and the connectivity of Bluetooth® wireless technology.

  • Superlative sound quality alcatel-4068-IP-touchalcatel-4068-ip-touch
  • High-resolution screen (full color screen on 4068)
  • Dial-by-name, voicemail, alphanumeric keyboard
  • Ultra-modern design with intuitive ergonomics
  • Bluetooth® technology for wireless freedom (4068 only)
  • Open to third-party XML applications and services
  • Full set of accessories

Alcatel 4019     Alcatel 4028_IP_Phone

4018                                                                    4028

Alcatel-Lucent 8 Series IP Touch Phone

OmniTouch™ 9 Series Digital Phones

Most Intuitive Digital Phones with Advanced Telephony Features

Alcatel-Lucent 9 Series Digital phones take you to a new dimension in audio experience, esthetics, communications productivity and customer care. This advanced range brings the award-winning power of the Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX communication servers within reach.  Alcatel-Lucent 9 SERIES offers the best sound quality around. Its terminals have a hands-free speakerphone, including acoustic echo cancellation, and take listening comfort to new levels.

  • Excellent audio with automatic transfer from headset to hands-free
  • Alcatel 4039Built-in port for the use of a headset, additional speaker or teleconferencing system
  • The phone navigator feature allow scrolling Alcatel 4039function up to four directions
  • Dedicated function keys at the push of a button, gain direct access to your mailbox or directory, or simply redial or ask the terminal for help
  • Audio control functions
  • Large adjustable display adjustable to four-tone gray scale graphical display
  • Intuitive Icons and software keys
  • Alphabetic keyboard which provides easy access to the “call by name” function
  • 60-Degree Foot-stand to optimize the display angle for comfortable viewing

Alcatel-4018   Alcatel 4029

4019                                                                         4029


Alcatel-Lucent 9 Series Digital Phone
Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise Communication Server
Alcatel-Lucent OCS RCE Office Communication Solution

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