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What is ShadowProtect™?    








ShadowProtect Desktopshadowprotect-5

ShadowProtect Server

ShadowProtect Small Business Server

ShadowProtect Virtual

ShadowProtect IT Edition

ShadowProtect for Managed Service Providers

ShadowProtect Granular Recovery for Exchange







StorageCraft Cloud Services

  • Protect your physical servers, virtual machines (VMs), and workstations.
  • Maintain control over your offsite data with real-time file access and instant virtualization capabilities.
  • Recover systems and data in seconds, not minutes or hours, so your recovery is transparent to users.
  • Test your disaster recovery abilities using hands-on verification methods.
  • Rest assured offsite data is safe with premium encryption and data center security standards.
  • Economically tally all of your storage needs across systems, departments or clients and pay only for the storage space you actually use.
  • Increase your storage or upgrade your service level with ease.




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