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Ruckus Wireless

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Ruckus Wireless is a global WiFi technology company that manufactures and sells Smart-WiFi products for homes in Singapore and Smart WLAN systems to broadband service providers and business customers. It is recognised for developing the first Smart WiFi technology capable of extending the range of WiFi signals and automatically adapting to environmental changes for location-based services in Singapore.


Ruckus industrial-strength Smart Wireless LAN products for enterprise systems remove cost and complexity with their highly dependable performance. Its all-around capability enables you to evenly manage everything in a single centralised Wireless LAN with ZoneDirector controllers. What’s more, you can also remotely manage thousands of standalone ZoneFlex wireless LAN with Ruckus FlexMaster.


Ruckus Smart WiFi and Smart WLAN wireless router products are designed to support businesses for all your wireless needs.






ZoneFlex™ – Indoor


ZoneFlex is a series of WiFi certified high-performance 802.11n indoor and outdoor access points that are able to support up to 500 simultaneous connections on a single node.

ZoneFlex™ – Outdoor



ZoneDirector are the WLAN controllers with the Smart/OS software and applications, widely considered the most simple centralized WLAN software system in the market. Ruckus Smart/OS runs on all ZoneDirector Smart WLAN controllers with a highly-intuitive Web user interface and is able to support up to 1000 access points on a single appliance.



The Ruckus FlexMaster Management System 9.0 is a fully-featured, intuitive and complete, Linux-based managed service platform which allows users to control multiple WLAN and Wi-Fi sites from a single interface.

FlexMaster offers flexibility in administration via managed WLAN service or through cloud-based WLAN management services. It’s a complete management platform that lets enterprises securely view, control, manage and upgrade its Smart Wi-Fi systems anywhere in the world, over the internet or even with a private IP network.




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